Sunday, July 31, 2011

Body Intelligence, Part I

I have to admit, my body often (frequently) knows more than my brain does.  If I am teaching a class and I get that uh-oh feeling---when I’m not sure I remember what’s next, if I continue to think with my brain, there is just a big, empty space where my memory should be.  If I can let go of thinking in that moment, my body just knows where to go and I don’t miss the step. 

In fact, people who have taken my class for years think they couldn’t remember choreography to specific songs.  However, if they just put on the music and let go of their brain, their body would just go ahead and do it.  Moreover, when I can’t let go of my brain during an empty memory moment (ugh!) I know one of my clients is going to bail me out without even realizing it!  So often, they do remember the choreography and dance it without even recognizing they aren’t watching me at all anymore.  Our bodies remember. Everything.  Even when our brains don’t.

Your brain can lie to you about your feelings.  Your body can’t lie.  (Sometimes that’s unfortunate. And uncomfortable.)  Have you ever had a conversation with someone and left it feeling like something’s really wrong, but nothing “wrong” was said?  Your body’s telling you something.  Probably it’s not something you want to know or you’d already know it.

The body will always tell you what your feelings really are, even when you can’t articulate them to yourself.  The body is not always right about everything, but it is unerringly correct when it comes to how you are feeling about anything; even if your brain is telling you something entirely different.
So, if you are ready to know your truth about anything, trust what your body is telling you.

You can run from your body, but you can’t hide for long.

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