Sunday, July 10, 2011

Martinis and Lawn Lessons

When a choreographer creates a dance, she has an infinite array of movements to choose from.  Whatever movement she chooses becomes real to the dancer and the audience.

Modern science says that in every moment there are an infinite number of possibilities for us to experience.  Whatever we look at is what becomes real in our lives.  A simple example: is the glass half full or half empty?  Although this seems a trite exercise, the way you perceive that glass colors your perceptions which define your reality.

Mr. Winton was our neighbor when I was a child.  We lived on a hillside and his home was next to ours.  There was a little hill that was part of Mr. Winton’s lawn that reached up to the edge of our driveway.  Mr. Winton was scary and hysterical about his immaculate lawn.  If we so much as stepped on the edges of his lawn, he was out of his house like a shot to discipline us.  Instead of enjoying his lawn, Mr. Winton seemed to be lying in wait for any trespassers (or smart alecky little children) to mess it up. 

One evening my dad had a few too many martinis and drove our car down the hillside into Mr. Winton’s lawn.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, we had to hire a tow truck to get the car back to our driveway. 

Mr. Winton was focused on and created exactly what he was most afraid of.  He was seeing his lawn as ripe for ruin, and that’s exactly what happened--(hmmmmm- martini glass half empty? Lawn a muddy mess?)

What you choose to focus on becomes your experience.  Rather than thinking about what horrible thing might happen, instead choose to focus on the choreography for your life that you want to experience. 

Don’t worry so much.  You might get a car on your lawn.