Sunday, April 29, 2012

In Sync

In a dance class, once the class starts moving, people are not only moving in sync -- they start to breathe and vocalize in synchrony.  It’s like the phenomenon when you place two metronomes in a room clicking at different speeds.  In a while, they will sync up and click in the same rhythm.  That happens with people, too.  Women who live in close proximity start to have their monthly cycles in the same rhythm.  Sometimes I look around the class and many people are wearing the same color.  If I had art-directed the class, I wouldn’t have been able to do it better.  That could be a coincidence.  Maybe not.

We all become more “one” when we are dancing together.  It’s just a fact of vibration on planet Earth.

Sometimes it happens that a dance class is crowded.  Some people are okay with this and others are not.   People tend to have their own spots where they like to dance.  When the class gets crowded, clients can sometimes start to get fearful that there won’t be enough room for them to enjoy the experience.

Well, it’s understandable!  Dance is precious to us and we don’t want to miss a moment!

However, if everyone would let go of the fear and embrace the love (the dance) and realize that everyone is there for (more or less) similar reasons, everyone would feel they have enough room.   Because of the synchrony, if you let go of being afraid of someone encroaching on your space, you will have more room to move.  That seems paradoxical, but if everyone relaxes, synchrony will happen with personal space on the dance floor, too.

This reminds me of times when I really felt I was RIGHT, in some dispute or other.  And I was going to hold onto that because it felt so good to be RIGHT. And even better for the other person to be WRONG -- (not something I’m used to). 

But holding on to my RIGHTNESS like grim death, really was that—grim death.  It didn’t get me anywhere I wanted to be.  It’s like that old saying, “Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?” 

It’s the same with holding on too tight to your dance space, your opinion, or your RIGHTNESS; rigidity gets you nowhere you really want to be.  It is based on fear.

When we soften and allow flexibility, when we can make room for someone else, it is based on love.

 In that place, we can breathe better and -- more importantly -- dance happier.

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  1. Flexibility and allowing gives ease to every life situation. Thank you for your uniquely expressing a dancer's view of the interconnectedness of us all. :-) (And personally, I have come to believe that paradox IS the language of the Universe!)