Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stuck. Again. (Revisited)

You know how the music leads you in dance to express yourself? The more you try to absorb the choreography, the harder it gets.  When you relax into the music (without judging yourself) you can dance in a more expressive and fulfilled way.

Last week I wrote about being stuck. Again.  And so I resolved to just relax and allow myself to be led rather than doing my usual “I’ll-never-be-able-to-do-this-again” thing.

This is what happened.  Periodically, my iPod blows up and I lose music.  I wanted to do Let the River Run by Carly Simon, but it was no longer in my iTunes library.   I have TWO CDs of the soundtrack for Working Girl which has the song I wanted. I looked everywhere for one of those CDs and couldn’t find either of them.  So I figured I’d just buy it from the iTunes store.  However, I couldn’t just buy just that song.  I had to buy the whole album of Carly Simon’s greatest hits, (Reflections).  So, I thought, “grrrrrrrrrrrr, I just have to do it.”  I bought the whole album.  As I was listening to some of the songs I came across one that I had always loved and had searched for, and couldn’t find because I didn’t know the name of it.  Well, there it was.  So that is my first new song.  I was led and because I didn’t get crazy, I found exactly what I needed.  (By the way, the song is:  Coming around Again.)

Further, the next day I woke up dreaming about an old Beatles song: I Saw Her Standing There.  This is my second new song.

I am writing this, yes, to share, but also to remind myself of what happens when I let go. 

Of course, my next thought is: What if these two songs are it?  What if I get stuck again?

I am taking a deep breath here and going out on a limb.  I am going to continue to let go and trust.

And reread this every day.

What’s the next song to inspire me?  I’m waiting to find out...peacefully (sort of)...


  1. Love that you have re-found inspiration! I particularly love the two Carly Simon songs you mentioned and am sorry I'm not in town any more to dance to them. Enjoy the joy of creating dance. Keep your soul open to more songs...they will come to you.

  2. Letting go and trusting... Going out on a limb... Waiting peacefully... Taking a deep breath... Let's keep reminding each other! And let's keep on dancing and opening our hearts to new songs..., or to remembering the old songs that we already know bring us joy. xo