Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just Be.

Sometimes when I meet someone and they express an interest in my dance class, they’ll say, “I’m not a dancer, but I really love to dance!” Well, to me, that means you ARE a dancer.  On the other hand, you can TRY to be a dancer.  You can take classes and practice and think about it. You can think about it a lot.  What you are saying to yourself is that I am not a dancer but I am going to strive to be one.  But what does that label, “dancer,” mean?  What qualifies you to BE a dancer?  Do you have to win a prize?  Go to school?  Be in a show? 

If you decide that you ARE a dancer now, everything you do is geared toward being a better dancer.  This is different than trying to BECOME a dancer by endless hours of TRYING.  If you realize that you are already a dancer, your intention is focused on becoming a more authentic dancer, a dancer who expresses his or her truth through movement.

When we try to “do” our way to happiness, love, or peacefulness it can elude us.  In the old paradigm of behavior (the one I grew up with anyway), you did, thought, and said things that you hoped would BRING you happiness, love, peace.  But when you think that way, the joy, love and peace are always elusive, in the future, a definite maybe. 
But if you decide, right now, that you are happy, you are love, you are peaceful, everything you think, say and do comes from that state of being rather than doing.   

When you decide to just be, you already are where you want to be.   

BE a dancer.  BE the truth of who you always wanted to be.  Right now. Simply decide to be it.

“You cannot ‘do’ your way to being…The way to ‘get there’ is to ‘be there.’”
---Conversations with God, Book 3, Neale Donald Walsch.