Sunday, June 12, 2011

Of Antelopes and Cakes

When I was in high school, our mascot was not scary or threatening.  Most schools were the Lions or the Titans.  We were the Avonworth  Antelopes.  Often the Bellevue Bulldogs would call us “cakes,” a Pittsburgh synonym for wussy.  However, I like the antelope as a symbol.   The antelope is graceful, like a dancer.  And I often feel that the antelope’s reaction to trouble is the right one for me---flee!! Flee like the wind!! 

But fleeing gets no respect.  Even though I hate to admit it, I have found myself in situations (of my own making) where I have asked myself, “Is it possible to fake my own death?”  Sometimes you can’t (or really wouldn’t) run away, but you can use dance (or any physical activity) to flee your troublesome thoughts.  As you move, you can allow your mask to fall away and find your truth within.  The problem most likely will still be there when you re-inhabit your life, but you have taken a break from it.  Taking a break doesn’t make you a “cake.” You can take that break gracefully, in your own consciousness.

Sometimes taking a break, fleeing, can bring you a new perspective.  When you come back to yourself, you may even have an answer about how to (gracefully) proceed.  Being stoic and continually taking it on the chin, bludgeoning yourself with your thoughts, can be a pointless exercise in self-flagellation. 

So flee within the dance to come back to yourself.  The antelope is not a wussy or a cake; he’s a smart cookie.

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  1. Really loved this one, Sue! VERY insightful....and loved the finale. Gleaning.....xoxo