Saturday, November 15, 2014

Circles, Part I

One of my favorite things to do in dance is turn.  It feels wonderful.  It’s like you are drawing a circle of energy on a blank canvas or the (seemingly) blank space of energy that surrounds you.  Sometimes you spin and end up back at the beginning.  Sometimes you pass the starting point and turn multiple times, always returning home.  Sometimes you circle and end up pointing in another direction – maybe one you didn’t anticipate.

In our lives, we are always in movement in our emotional and spiritual growth.  Sometimes we end up back home, right where we started but with a different perspective, a deeper point of view. 

There is a joy in the spin.  There is a sense of complete letting go, until you are ready to use your strength to slow down or stop (at “home” or pointing in another direction) and take stock of where you began and what you have learned on the journey.

As always, in dance, it is ideally our core strength that controls the spin and the stop.

In our lives, what is deep within us determines our journey.   Where we begin and where we choose to go is directed by our hearts.

Our journey can be filled with joyful abandon, so wherever we land – even if it’s a surprise – can be a place to leap forward, propelled by all we have learned on the way.

Photo by MaryEllen Hendricks

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