Sunday, December 2, 2012


Dance has been with us since the beginning of mankind.  There is archeological evidence of dance among humans dating thousands of years ago.   That people want to move their bodies to rhythms, internal or external, is as old as the human race.  Dance is used as ritual, as a call to mate, as an expression of joy, and in older days to make magic occur in the form of rain or making the sun shine.  

Movement is truth; it is part of who we are.  Whether you consider your movement to be dance doesn’t matter.  Movement is life and life is a dance. 

I was watching an excerpt from the movie Lincoln.  Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln was talking to two young men about abolition.  He said, “If two things are equal to the same thing, then they are equal to each other.”

This is a statement of truth, in math and in life. 
Any two people who dance, even if they’re using the same choreography, are expressing their individuality differently.  On a personal level, who can say that one’s deepest expression through movement is inferior or superior to another’s? 

Years ago I heard another teacher telling a new client that my class was not really a dance class.  As if there is some narrow definition of what dance really is that only a few can know and achieve.  

I don’t understand it when someone looks disparagingly at others because they don’t fit into a common mold. 

I don’t understand how a person can look at another and say, “This person should not have the same rights that I have.”  Often this denial of others’ rights is justified by saying that this opinion is God’s opinion.  


Is this a veiled statement of the royal we?  As in, “God and I think you are not as good or important as I am.”

Obviously, some people are better at certain tasks than others.  We all have our own talents and passions.  But we enter life on the same planet.  Everyone is human and an earthling.  We are equal to the same things.  We are all human. 

We all want to love and be loved.

We all have our own dance and the right to express who we are in that dance.

That’s the truth.