Sunday, December 22, 2013

If a Husband is Arguing in the Woods...Part II

In dance class, because dance, music, and movement are powerful emotional catalysts, there is often a lot of projection.  Sometimes the projection is negative – we tell ourselves a story that is just not true.  (Such as, “That woman hates me.”  “She’s making fun of me.” “I’m in everybody’s way.” Et cetera. )

We forget that we all basically have the same struggles…that we are really all in this together.  When we can see this, it is a blessing.  It makes us relax and let down our defenses.

Last week I posted this photo of a newly built house right next door to us.  The lights in the picture are (apparently) coming from the reflection of the sun bouncing off of our house and projecting onto the house next door.
Those lights were always there, we just didn’t see them because there was nothing to catch the light. 

Instead of the neighboring house blocking our light as we feared, we still have plenty.  Plus, we have these beautiful images of light to see next door every day.

Often, your projection onto another is positive; sometimes you are projecting your own light onto someone else. You can reflect and project light, but it can only be seen if there’s something to catch it.

I ask again, if a husband is arguing in the woods, and no one is there to hear him, is he still wrong?

When we see someone else’s light, we are calling forth that same light from within ourselves.  When we acknowledge our own light, we can see it in others, too.

So let yourself acknowledge the light in yourself and others.

It’s there.  You just have to see it. 

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