Sunday, November 17, 2013

No Other Place to Be

Tired of being the disgrace of the neighborhood, I planted a small flower garden around my house a couple of years ago.  I love it.  But I tend to over-tend. I am always afraid of doing something wrong, so I water, fertilize and deadhead, probably a little too much.  This year, the flowers weren’t doing too well.  In the fall, I got really busy and put off the watering, fertilizing and deadheading for a while.  Of course, I felt a little guilty, but after all, it was the end of the season.

Evidently, ignoring my plants was exactly what they needed.  Now I have so many roses, I can’t believe it.  I love this – it is effortless!  I guess I can just stop doing what I was doing and trust nature and the plants to do what it is they are made to do.  They, in their very own DNA, have all they need to grow and flourish.  They don’t need much help.  It’s all inside of them.  They don’t have to strain and try and get their leaves in a twist.  They just ARE.

Nature is in the ultimate state of allowing.  Nature is moment-by-moment.  If we could just stay in the moment and allow, we would hear the Universe calling to us more clearly.  Life is music and we all find our own way to dance to it. 

As a human, sometimes I feel out of nature.  Like I have to try and find a way into the flow that just is.  If I can take a breath, I realize that I am always in the flow.  There is no other place to be.

I found some music the other day that I really like.  Instead of worrying, I told myself to relax.  If the music speaks to me and I am listening, I will hear it and be able to make something out of it; I will be able to allow the music to lead me. 

I always find it fascinating to think that our ears are always hearing. They are always in the “on” position.   But so often we don’t hear when someone is talking to us directly because we are absorbed in something else.  There is nothing wrong with our hearing, we just aren’t receiving.

The Universe is constantly giving, but we forget to open our arms and allow. We forget to dance to the music.  Instead we argue and struggle with it.

Allowing doesn’t mean doing nothing, it means listening and seeing in this moment what is presented to us in the flow of life.

Just like the flowers, we are always in the flow of nature. Our DNA knows just what to do.  It’s all there inside of us.  

If I’m always worried about whether I am doing the right thing, it does not help me grow and flourish in the way I am meant to.  So I am letting go of myself, just as I did the flowers around my house. 

Every day, I go by my kitchen window and see beautiful yellow roses that don’t need me at all (at least not too much).  

They make me smile and remind me to just relax.  

So trust and allow your path to flower. When we allow ourselves to just be, we can grow and flourish exactly the way we are meant to. 

There is no other place to be except in the music of Life.  Dance to it. 

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