Sunday, September 23, 2012


When I am trying to do new choreography, it happens sometimes that NOTHING is coming to me.  Even if I relax and allow myself to be led, every so often in my mind is -- nothing.  Crickets. Tumbleweeds. The sound of a lonely wind.  
I kept getting ideas about what I would write this week, all incomplete. 

But here is something I was thinking about that maybe you’ll find interesting.  

There was a philosopher named Boethius who wrote in the years around 500 AD.  He was a wealthy Roman consul who believed in goodness and charity.  He also believed that the Universe (or God or All That Is) is based on goodness.  He said that it is through love that the natural and human forces of the universe are guided.  Boethius also believed what quantum physics tells us is true, that time does not move through us—time just is.  We move through time.  All That Is is the tree and man is an ant that moves up the trunk and out to the branches.  Every possibility (each branch and leaf) is already there, but we choose which path or branch to take as the outcome we experience. 

It makes me think about how truth is always the truth.   

I used to wonder what it meant when I read in spiritual books that our relationships really never end, despite separation, divorce, death and apparently even intense dislike.   I still don’t know whether it’s a reference to the nature of time (everything happens at once, therefore the past is still happening) or whether love is not destructible. 

I think maybe it’s both of those.

Love is the truth and never dies. 

So what is deep within us is our truth.  Our truth really never changes. The innocence we were born with is still within us.  

We dance because we have to.  We create because there’s no choice.  And we continue to love whether we want to or not.  

The truth knows no time, and neither does the deepest part of you.


  1. Nice to learn about Boethius, and good to be reminded of some Universal Truths. :-) (And I often get "incomplete" ideas, too, as well as NADA. No big deal!) xo

  2. I really love this and have read it a few times now! Creating and loving are our nature, our truth. Simple yet easy to forget.