Sunday, June 3, 2012

Three Quantum Leaps

I wrote a small book recently that talks about dance as a metaphor for life, quantum physics, and spiritual ideas.  I started writing it as a kind of summary of all the spiritual books I’ve read, personal experiences of myself and my clients over the years, along with how quantum physics supports spiritual thought.

It was called, Choreograph Your Best Life in Three Quantum Leaps.

But, I think I got the three leaps wrong. 

The three leaps I used were:

1)     Understand we are all one, living in the only moment there is.
2)     Choose your perception
3)     Believe, Then See (believing is seeing)

I think these leaps in thinking and perceiving are sound.  But I believe these are transcended by information in the book by Anita Moorjani, Dying to Be Me.

If I was going to rewrite my book, the three leaps would be:

1)     Love yourself
2)     Trust
3)     Allow

Loving ourselves is the only way we can truly love others.  Since we are all One, loving yourself equals loving everyone else, too. 

Trusting our hearts acknowledges that love.  Trusting is knowing that our answers lie within.

Since time just is (and quantum physics supports this) the tapestry of life is already woven.  Instead of chasing what we want, we need only trust that it already exists and allow it to come into our experience.  What comes into our experience will be colored by our feelings for ourselves and our level of trust in life.

I can compare these three leaps to my own journey with dance.  I had to love myself enough to do what I love to do.  I had to trust that my own heart was speaking the truth and that I should follow it.  And I had to allow life to happen and flow with it. 

Okay, this is my journey with dance—the other parts of my life were not so easily put into this formula. 

But I know that whenever I act from a place of fear or chase what I think I want or try to “fix” other people, life doesn’t really go so well.  I am also aware that the hugest mistakes I’ve made in my life have stemmed from my lack of self-esteem, my inability to love myself.  For this I feel shame, but then I’m ashamed of my shame, so I’m just going to stop.

This process works for me, if I allow it, when doing choreography.  I have to love myself enough to believe I can (still) do it, I have to trust the song, and I have to allow the movement to just come in.  When it doesn’t come in, I have to trust that too and not push the river—knowing that doesn’t work.

I am working on allowing.  I want to leave myself open to not dismissing any experience or perception out-of-hand.  I want to open up to seeing what I haven’t seen.  I no longer want to dismiss miracles as everyday events that would have happened anyway.  I want to appreciate them every day.  And by appreciating them, I can accept more into my life. 
I also don’t want to be weird, but maybe that ship has sailed…….

This is the second-to-last weekly blog.  Next week will be my last one.  I will continue to write, but not weekly.  I will begin again in September. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this!  You teach what you need to learn and everything I’ve written is what I need to learn.  I hope it may have helped you, too.  


  1. Thank you Sue for trusting in your love, sharing it so boldly and allowing us in on your journey. You are such an inpsiration. I'm learning right along with you week after week and ever grateful for it!

  2. I always enjoying reading your blogs, Susie, and this one was no exception. Your three new "leaps" cut right to the core. Simplicity works! :-) As to your taking a break from writing for a while..., though I will miss you while you're gone, I definitely support your decision. (This coming from someone who went from writing a daily blog for 9+ months, to writing a blog every few days, to not blogging for 8 months or so, to now blogging "when the Spirit moves me.") As you said, "Love yourself, trust, and allow." Whatever happens, happens. That being said, do what you will and be happy! xoxo