Sunday, November 20, 2011

Trying can be so trying (Part 2)

When you dance and you let your body just go without judging yourself, or trying to be perfect, you can truly relax. 

When you relax and let go of the struggle, you create the space for what you already know to come through.  “What you already know” can often be something that you don’t consciously understand that you know.  Relaxing causes stillness of thought.  It allows the words to go away.  In that stillness, you find the truth of who you are. 

I wrote about knee jerk reactions in another blog.  What I have found, while attempting to make major behavior changes, is that my body is the last thing to let go of a behavior and the last part of me to integrate a new behavior.  So when I’ve tried to change knee-jerk reactions that don’t serve me anymore, even though I KNOW the change is “right,” my body is reacting with, “NO, STOP, THIS IS WRONG!!”  And I have to calm myself, take a breath and just go ahead with what I know is right in my life.  It’s like my body is my unruly child that doesn’t want to change anything because she doesn’t feel safe with the unknown.  So I have to soothe her and take charge.  I really hate to be in charge, but I don’t have a choice if I want to be unstuck.

What I have found lately is that the more I allow myself to be in silence, the more my body falls in line with new, healthier behaviors.  She has fewer tantrums. (A tantrum really is, after all, fueled by fear.)  By silence, I mean letting go of the constant chatter in my mind.   I don’t mean sitting in meditation for hours.  (That can be daunting and difficult.) You can drop between your thoughts while you are dancing, running or washing the dishes.  Even if I periodically take a deep breath, as I exhale and drop down behind the words, I feel much steadier.  Dropping between your thoughts connects you to the truth of who you are--although you can’t ever be really disconnected, anyway.  If you think about it, the space between your thoughts is the part of you that you can remember from your earliest memory.  It is the part of you that is eternal, that is behind the words. 

My point in all this is that if we really trust that there is something more to us than blood and bone, we can find a guide within by relaxing (or dancing) to stillness.  We can trust that our bodies and minds are in alignment.

When you discover the truth of who you are, you can fully be and express that truth in your life.

I love this quote:

“When you are confused and perplexed and looking for answers from the universe, if you will just turn off the part of you that desperately wants to figure things out and turn on the part of you that knows it has access to every answer—if you will stop trying to decide what to do and start choosing what you wish to be, you will find dilemmas dissolving and solutions appearing magically right in front of your face.” ---Neale Donald Walsch, “Home with God in a Life that Never Ends.”

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  1. The body does hold memories quite well, doesn't it?! Here in the Western world, we have been taught that we must constantly DO. Letting ourselves BE is what allows us to access whatever it is that we need to be present and at peace. Your blog is an excellent reminder of that truth!